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Sathya Auto Private Limited

The company produces and supplies precision machined hot forged and sheet metal stamped parts to customers in automotive and general engineering industry. The company’s manufacturing plant is located at Mappedu, Chennai.

The manufacturing plant has hot forging presses in the tonnage range of 100T to 1600T, induction billet heaters, ball gathering equipment, billet shearing presses, band saws and allied equipment to produce hot forged parts. It has CNC vertical milling and turning centres for precision machining of hot forged parts.

The company has the required quality certifications, infrastructure and equipment to monitor quality and assure customers of strict adherence to process and product quality.

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133, Sidco Industrial estate,

Thirumazhisai, Chennai,

Tamil Nadu 600124, India


Telephone: Mr K.Partiban
+91 7823959049

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