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San Luis Dasung

San Luis Dasung

San Luis Dasung

San Luis Dasung S.A. De C.V.

The company produces and supplies precision aluminium and steel sheet metal stamped parts and welded assemblies to customers in automotive industry. The company’s manufacturing plant is located at San Luis Potosi, Mexico

The manufacturing plant has a robotic 800T-400T-400T-400T-400T tandem line, 250T x 5 transfer press line, blanking presses, mechanical press and knuckle joint presses in the tonnage range of 250T to 600T, robotic spot welding, CO2 welding and brazing lines; projection welding machines, CED coating plant and auxiliary equipment for production and supply of sheet metal stamping and welded assemblies. It produces and supplies aluminium and steel sheet metal stamping and welded assemblies to many vehicle manufacturing plants in Mexico and United States of America.

The company has the required quality certifications, infrastructure and equipment to monitor quality and assure customers of strict adherence to process and product quality.

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Av. Tokio #111, 79525,

Parque Logistik II, Villa de Reyes,

S.L.P., Mexico


Telephone: +52 444 500 8800 

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