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Stamping Division

The Stampings Division (formerly UMW Dongshin Motech Private Limited) produces and supplies precision sheet metal stamped parts and welded assemblies to customers in automotive and general engineering industries. The Division’s manufacturing plant is located at Talegaon Industrial Area, Pune.

The manufacturing plant has a robotic 1200T-800T-600T-600T tandem press line, a manual 600T-400T-400T-400T tandem press line; automatic and manual presses with capacity ranging from 60T – 300T, robotic welding lines, manual welding line, automatic and manual stationary spot-welding machines and auxiliary equipment to produce and supply sheet metal components, welded assemblies and body-in-white parts.

The Division has the required quality certifications, infrastructure and equipment to monitor quality and assure customers of strict adherence to process and product quality.

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Plot No. A-19, Talegaon MIDC,

Navlakhumbre, Pune 410507 



Telephone: +918380098421

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