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Jack Division

The Jack Division produces and supplies pantograph & bottle type jacks, and tool kits to automotive passenger vehicle manufacturers. The Division has the capability to design, prototype, validate and manufacture pantograph and bottle type jacks for all categories of passenger vehicles.

The Division has two manufacturing plants, both located at SIDCO Industrial Estate, Thirumazhisai, Chennai. The plants have mechanical presses in the tonnage range of 40 T to 250 T, welding equipment, thread rolling machines, orbital riveting machines, pre-assembly & final assembly fixtures, and in-line load testing equipment to manufacture and test pantograph and bottle type jacks. The plants have a combined production capacity to manufacture and supply 1.20 million jacks per annum

The Division has the required quality certifications, infrastructure and equipment to monitor quality and assure customers of strict adherence to process and product quality.

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No : 82A & B, Industrial Estate,


Tamil Nadu 600044, India


Telephone : 044-26810211

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